NESIS Public Deliverables


D 2.3 - State of Play Report on National Information Systems and Services (DOC)
It includes the partner contributions to describe the national SoP of environmental information systems and services for handling data in monitoring and reporting the status of environment, with related impacts and threats. It offers direct access to the different 12 Country reports (AT, CY, CZ, FR, HU, IC, IT, LT, MT, NO, SK, SE); the focus is on data sharing policies and adopted technologies, in particular for partner countries.


D 2.4 - Good Practice Catalogue (on-line catalogue)

It collects the Good Practices identified and filled in by the Partners, in accordance with a structured template, also available on line. The collected Good Practices deal with cases  from Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, as well as from the European Environment Agency. It is an on-line repository, open to additional contributions.


D 2.6 - NESIS Good Practices and Analysis (PDF)

It is a deliverable reporting in a single document the different tasks and work carried-out by the NESIS partnership as regards the Good Practices on ICT solutions to manage environmental information.
It includes the approach and methodology adopted, the process of identifying Good Practices and describing them in the on-line Catalogue.
It also includes a short review and a summary synthesis of the Catalogue content, and finally the description of the adopted method of analysis and of its results.


D 3.1 - Summary Report on the Status of Environmental Monitoring and Reporting in Europe (PDF)

It describes the synthesis at European level about the current state of play in terms of national information systems for monitoring and reporting on the status of the environment, related impacts and threats.
It focuses on data sharing policies and adopted technologies at national level, in particular for the NESIS partner Countries. It also aims at starting the process of sharing good practice and exchange of experience about environmental information management in the  Countries represented in the NESIS Network.


D 6.1 - Expected impacts by the ICT roadmap implementation (PDF)

The aim of this report is to evaluate the expected actual impact of a SEIS implementation carried out according to the indications of the NESIS Roadmap and Guidelines. In order to achieve this goal, a SWOT analysis has been done based on a stakeholder consultation.
A survey was sent to the EIONET national focal points participating in the project. The survey was carried out during the summer and fall 2010. The responses have a well distributed coverage of Europe.


D 7.4.X - NESIS Workshops Proceedings (availabe here)

These deliverables are the proceedings of the workshops (totally 6) organised along the project both at national and international level. They are on-line published and available on the Workshop session of the NESIS web site.


D 1.3.1 - Final Project Report (PDF)

It represents the final report of the project - public version.