NESIS and Good Practice (of ICT solutions for managing environmental data)


NESIS is a thematic network and considers the exchange of experience finalized at the SEIS implementation as its primary mission: the collection of Good Practices from the network members and the catalogue organisation is considered as one of the most important activities. In particular the purpose is to describe and share the experience about ICT solutions to manage environmental information. This experience is represented by the cases of the NESIS on-line catalogue, freely accessible and searchable and as well open to new additions.

The catalogued Good Practices are proposed by the network members and chosen because they refer to carried out projects which led to an operational improvement of ICT aspects of environmental data management (
methods, technology, procedures).

The catalogue aim is to provide an on-line inventory of existing operational practices, from which it is possible to derive transferable experience for a wide users’ audience of stakeholders. The good practice collection started from a survey of the national context, taking as well into consideration some European wide experiences, and is open to additions.


The target Audience

The NESIS Good Practice Catalogue target audience resembles the expected stakeholders of SEIS, that is National and Regional Environmental Agencies, Public Administrations, ICT Companies, Academies, NGOs.

In the long term the Catalogue targets to involve all local and regional environment stakeholders, and as well intends to bridge over to those ones of other sectoral Communities that manage environmental data and are then interested into the SEIS development process, both learning lessons and actively contributing to it.



To know more or access the Good Practices catalogue please use the following links: