The ICT PSP objectives highlight the need for mobilising stakeholders, to share experience and build consensus around common approaches, and to prepare ICT roadmaps for triggering, facilitating and widening the uptake of innovative ICT based solutions.NESIS will bridge the gap between the ICT domain and the authorities mandated to create, manage and exchange environmental information. The expected outcomes are targeted at a European-wide scope, with also a strong push to foster mutual exchange between regional, national and international authorities, opposed to the one-way flow from Member State to EU which typifies the today’s reporting methodologies.In the ICT PSP main objective (ICT uptake in areas of public interest, with a capacity of promoting more proactive policies), the Networking action of NESIS can give a strong push thanks to the capacity of an open Network of involving local stakeholders. The Network partners are in fact able both of establishing direct links with regional and local stakeholders and of corresponding with the Commission and the European Bodies. The main project outcome is then an action plan and ICT roadmap, for a systematic and proactive evolution towards a distributed and standard-based environmental data infrastructure. In addition, the outcomes will be: 

  • a baseline of the current situation of ICT deployment for environmental monitoring and reporting, to properly evaluate the NESIS impact. The baseline is provided by a state-of-play study, and will help to reduce the gap between different authorities
  • a calendar for ICT deployment towards SEIS, aligned to the roadmaps of the major influencing factors (i2010, INSPIRE, GMES, GEOSS), and reflecting as well the overall technology trends and the evolution of standards and specifications (W3C, ISO, CEN, OGC….)
  • an increased awareness of ICT innovation among environmental agencies and other public authorities and the means, through specific guidelines, to enhance interoperability between existing components
  • an additional input to the INSPIRE Spatial Data Interest Community Network
  • recommendations for priority pilots to target specific interoperability issues facing the community. In particular by providing inputs to the ICT PSP instruments (Pilot A and B projects) to stimulate innovative solutions and to foster ICT implementation in environmental  policies and practices
  • a public forum to access information, tools and results of the Network, in the form of a NESIS website. It will be achieved through extension of the existing EIONET portal infrastructure, and ensuring interoperability with the INSPIRE GeoPortal for relevant geospatial resources and services
  • (immaterial) the EU-wide dimension of the chosen approach and a further improvement to the EU collaboration process.