Target groups

The targeted stakeholders are the Members of the EIONET Community, starting from the EIONET NFP’s already partners of the NESIS proposal, and to be extended to an enlarged national scope comprising all the EU27 and EFTA Countries, also with the involvement of the National Reference Centres (NRCs)The overall target in the long term is to involve the local/regional environment stakeholders, as well as those of other sectoral Communities (from public sector, already largely represented in NESIS and in EIONET Community, to the private, Academic and civil society, as NGO’s, also managing environmental data.NESIS is an open Network intended to group the EIONET Community and the diverse stakeholders in Environmental Data Management at the European level. Most of the partners (12 upon 16) are EIONET National Focal Points (NFPs): their participation guarantees the involvement and commitment of the main actors involved in the development and application of SEIS, with a strong connection to the diverse groups of target users and stakeholders in the different European countries.